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    Much of a child’s oral development is dependent on things like genetics, habits (including thumb or finger sucking), tongue movement, and eruption patterns of teeth. Myobrace for kids is a type of early interceptive treatment that can guide teeth and jaw growth into healthier, better-aligned relationships. 

    Myobrace helps correct crooked teeth by guiding them into a more proper alignment as they erupt into place. Problems like gaps or crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and misaligned teeth can be intercepted during your child’s oral development and before they cause bigger orthodontic issues. That way if they need fine-tuning later on, their orthodontic therapy will be less complex and more streamlined.

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    Why Myobrace?

    For kids, many orthodontic issues can be prevented through early interceptive therapies. Myobrace is a proven system used to avoid serious orthognathic needs that might otherwise require oral surgery or years of complex appliance therapy. With Myobrace for poor jaw development, your child’s growth patterns can be adjusted to prevent “messed up teeth” or smaller, narrow jaw bones.

    Early orthodontic intervention and growth modification ensures your child has a head-start on healthy oral development. When their teeth and jaws form in the correct direction, it naturally minimizes the risk of serious orthodontic complications as they get older.

    Oral Habits to Watch Out For

    Your child’s oral habits and function can significantly impact their overall orofacial anatomy.

    For instance, if your child still uses a pacifier, a training cup, or sucks their thumb on a regular basis, it can permanently alter the shape of their palate (roof of their mouth) and how those teeth tilt out of alignment. In turn, their tongue may not position itself correction during swallowing, resulting in a tongue thrust. These external factors can permanently impact their growth patterns as your child matures into a teen and then an adult.

    Some of the advantages of early interceptive therapy, Myobrace, exercises for oral development, and early childhood treatment include:

    • Limited time in braces later on
    • Adult teeth guided into a healthier eruption alignment
    • Improved oral growth patterns
    • Healthier jaw width and length
    • Reduced need for surgical intervention
    • Prevention of expanders or other growth modification
    • Enhanced oral function, speech, and diet

    Orthodontic and Myobrace Screenings for Children

    Orthodontic experts all recommend that children should see an Orthodontist for an evaluation by age 7. At this point in oral development, we can have a healthy understanding of their growth patterns and future tooth alignment. The combination of primary (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth is just so, that we can intervene if needed while their mouth is still developing.

    Myobrace Before and After

    Since Myobrace doesn’t use traditional braces, our Dubai Pediatric Dentists can fit your child with a comfortable, removable appliance that encourages healthy oral development. The before and after results will be significantly different than without any appliance therapy at all.

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    Dr. Joy Dental Clinic offers comprehensive orthodontics and early intervention for children of all ages (as well as adult braces.) If you suspect that your child has a bite concern such as a misaligned jaw or atypical oral patterns, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our Dubai Pediatric Dentists / Orthodontists.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I clean Myobrace appliances?

      You can clean a Myobrace appliance with room temperature tap water, antimicrobial soap, and a soft toothbrush. If you notice buildup accumulating on the appliance, soak it in an effervescent denture cleanser to loosen the debris, then rinse it clean before wearing it again.

    • How should my child wear Myobrace?

      For Myobrace therapy to be effective, your child will need to wear it as prescribed. In most cases, the easiest thing to do is to have your child wear their Myobrace during the day but taking it out during meals, then sleep in it overnight. Some children do not need to wear their orthodontic appliance for very long. The key is to follow your recommended care plan, as these wear instructions will determine how well the overall process works.

    • Is Myobrace effective?

      Myobrace works without braces to help guide your child’s oral development and tooth positioning well before fixed orthodontic appliances (braces) are even recommended. Your child may still require orthodontic treatment at a later stage. However, the extent of the treatment will be considerably lesser.


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