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      What is Invisalign First?

      Every child deserves healthy teeth and a pleasing smile, that starts with regular dental care. Early dental check-up can lead to the discovery of any malocclusions such as misalignment, spacing, and bite issues before bones have stopped growing.

      Crooked, crowded misaligned teeth can be a source of physical discomfort for young children and can also be a hindrance in their ability to speak, chew and bite.

      Invisalign First was created for young children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old, who have a mixture of baby and adult teeth. Also known as Phase 1 treatment, this advanced system uses clear aligners to fix orthodontic issues before they progress into more complex challenges later in adolescence.

      Advantages of Invisalign First over Braces

      Phase One treatment with Invisalign® First is the latest in childhood orthodontic innovations.

      Expands the jaw and creates space for the erupting permanent teeth
      It uses SmartTrack material making it comfortable compared to standard braces with wires
      Improves minor speech problems in kids
      Fewer orthodontic appointments compared to traditional braces, making it flexible for busy parents
      No diet restrictions or activity limitations
      Protects children from oral habits such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking
      Rectifies various teeth misalignments in children, including crowding, spacing, narrow dental arches, and tooth malposition.
      Provides faster results in about six months and may avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions during Phase Two treatment

      How does Invisalign First work?

      Invisalign First works by dental arch expansion, where the child’s jawline expands and gets shaped. During this procedure, your child’s teeth are pushed over time, increasing their dental arch. It helps avoid crowding of the existing teeth and works as a foundation for proper alignment of the upcoming permanent teeth.

      Treatment Process

      Initial Scans

      Invisalign First treatment starts with a simple scan or impressions. From there, every step of your child’s plan is digitally plotted, so you know what to expect.

      The Aligners

      Removable aligners mean there’s little interruption to your child’s life and the foods they love. Plus, the aligners are specifically designed to fit smaller teeth and with space to accommodate teeth that are growing in.

      Smart Shifts

      As they progress through their treatment, you’ll see their smile transform through a series of small, expertly designed shifts calculated for how little teeth should move.

      Our Invisalign First Provider

      Invisalign First: Before & After Cases

      Reviews From Our Happy Patients

      Google Reviews

      My daughter's teeth were looking so misaligned, day by day irregularities were going high. After knowing about invisalign for kids, I was looking for the best invisalign treatment providers. My search ended up at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic. My daughter's smile is so pleasant now and you know what, aligning her teeth made her look so different.

      Amrita Kaur

      I came to Dr. Joy Dental Clinic for an Invisalign consultation for my son. He is scared of dental clinics, however since it is really pain-free and have fewer struggles we opted for Invisalign kids for our son. He is really happy now after the whole treatment. The entire journey was very excellent. Thanks to the entire team.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      • What are the pros and cons of using Invisalign First?

        Invisalign aligners are designed to be clear and removable, which can help children maintain good dental hygiene practices during their treatment. However, the fact that they are removable may also pose a challenge for some children, as they may forget to put the aligners back in place after taking them out.

      • Are there any food restrictions with Invisalign?

        While Invisalign clear aligners allow for unrestricted food consumption during treatment, it’s crucial to follow your orthodontist’s instructions and keep the aligners in place for most of the day.

      • How do I know if Invisalign will work for kids?

        Designed to address a range of teeth alignment issues in growing children between the ages of 6 and 10, including crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches, Invisalign First® is a proven effective treatment for shaping both simple to complex little smiles and teen smiles.

      • How much does Invisalign First treatment cost?

        Consulting with your orthodontist is advisable because the total cost of orthodontic treatment can vary for several reasons, and just like every smile, every budget is also unique.

      • What type of conditions can be corrected using Invisalign First?

        Invisalign First can treat narrow dental arches, crowding, spacing, tooth protrusions, and more.

      • At what age can your child get Invisalign First?

        Orthodontists recommend Invisalign First for kids between 6-10 years. This is also known as Phase 1 treatment, as it is done while kids are having their baby teeth and waiting for the permanent ones to erupt.

      • How long does Invisalign First take?

        The duration for Invisalign First depends on how well your kids follow their prescribed treatment plan. Improvement in smile starts showing within the first 5-6 months of the treatment.

      Invisalign First: Right for Your Kids

      Kids who need early treatment for a developing orthodontic problem can be considered suitable candidates for Invisalign First Treatment. Book a free consultation at Dr. Joy Dental Clinics in Dubai to learn more about your kid’s orthodontic issues and rectify them before the condition worsens.


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