Dr. C. Naveen Kumar

Dr. C. Naveen Kumar

Specialist Orthodontist

Professional Information

Dr. Naveen Kumar is our Board-certified Specialist Orthodontist with more than 12 years of clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of the all malocclusions in kids, teens and adults. He did his Bachelor’s in dentistry from M R Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore , India and completed his Master’s in Orthodontics and dentofacial Orthopedics from the College of Dental Sciences, India . He also Completed his Morth in Orthodontics from the prestigious Royal college of Physicians and surgeons of Glasgow.

Pursuing his passion for academia, Dr. Naveen served as an Associate Professor at Ramaiah University of Applied Science, India. He then worked in a leading private clinic in Muscat for 5 years.

Dr. Naveen is the author of many scientific articles in dental publications and regularly attends dental conferences around the world to keep himself updated.

He loves nature and has a passion for wildlife photography. Dr. Naveen is actively involved in various NGOs towards wildlife conservation and awareness.

Dr. Naveen Kumar speaks English and Hindi.

He is available to see patients for the following procedures.

  • Orthodontic treatment for children, Teens and Adults with Braces
  • Invisalign Therapy
  • Functional Jaw Orthopedics
  • Distraction Osteogenesis
  • Surgical Orthodontics
  • Orthodontic Implants
  • Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics.

Google Reviews

I'm with Dr. Naveen for full Invisalign treatment. The result so far is excellent, cannot wait to reach the final stage! Great clinic facilities, friendly and extremely helpful staff and doctor's assistants.

Loyd Stevens

Dr. Naveen is one of the best dentist I have ever dealt with. Very professional and also kind and friendly. Highly recommended

Vita Demainchuk

The best dentist I have met so ever. He explained everything in detail. All the staff were accommodating and helpful, clinic is very neat and clean.

Neha Agarwal

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