Had to see a Dentist for my troublesome tooth and a friend suggested Dr. Joy Dental Clinic which happens to be very close to my residence. Saw Dentist for the initial assessment and learnt that my tooth needs to be extracted surgically as it had a broken piece inside the gum. Visited him again as per plan for extraction and was prepared for few days of swollen face with stitched gums and lot of pain.... Just about 15 minutes and he said we are done! I asked him if he has already cut my gum and will give me stitches. To my surprise he said that he managed to get the broken piece out without bothering the gum!!! I found him to be very gentle with thorough knowledge of the subject and his style of explaining is very impressive. (A nitpick - the place is normally crowded and does not have sufficient sitting arrangement for waiting people. Instead of large sofas accommodating less people, they can have small comfortable chairs for more people to sit).

Samiulla Kazi

I visited Dr Joy Dental Clinic (Dr. Smitha Jacob) around 3 months back for my tooth pain. So this period is sufficient enough to validate my positive review for the Doctor and clinic. I must say Dr. Smitha is a very good dentist. She had carefully observed the dental issue I was experiencing and prescribed me treatment for my ailment. Best part was she built positivity, gave me right suggestion, explained me the real cause of problem and also what care I need to take to avoid future recurrence of such dental issues. Highly appreciate her professionalism coupled with her skills and knowledge.

Daljeet Singh Bagga

Today was my last Invisalign visit at Dr Joy Dental Clinic. I am over the moon with the result and extremely happy with the whole experience! The dentist was very knowledgeable, helpful, understanding and very clear in explaining the whole teeth aligning process. If you are looking for a great orthodontist, go consult at Dr Joy Dental Clinic and you will never regret it.

Elaf Jamal

It's always a pleasure to visit Dr. Tomas! He is the most professional, kind and friendly dentist I have ever visited. He completely puts you at ease with any treatment, and is always happy to spend the extra time to fully explain the treatments and any possible preventative measures to you. Also highly recommend hygienist Linda, very thorough and professional! Thanks Dr Joy team 🙂

Emma Lomas

The friendliest and most professional dentist I’ve ever been to. Both the receptionist and dentist took the time to explain everything very clearly and made me feel comfortable about the work I was having done. I’ve never liked going to the dentist but the team here have taken away my fears. I also trust that they only do what is necessary to keep your costs low which I really appreciate!

Marcus Armitage

Have been visiting Dr Joy Dental Clinics since 2016 , and i won't go to any other place with my dental needs. I'm very happy with everything about Dr Joy - all staff i have met always giving high quality of service, feel care and respect. Highly recommended Doctor Walter, Doctor Harris and Doctor Katy... for paying attention to details and make me feel comfortable on my visits.

Svetlana Krasivaia

Hey.. this is my first time writing a review, and this is because I am very very very happy with Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, my son had very bad experience before and he didn't accept to visit any dentist after his very bad experience, I can say finally, the staff changed his idea and made him so confident relaxed and happy, I must say they are very professional, honestly there's no rating can define clinic. Thank you.

Ibtissem Deheina

I’m glad that I visited Dr.Joy Dental Clinic as I was hesitating to visit a dentist after multiple of unhappy experiences I had at a different dentistry’s. However, being here made me left them happy and satisfied. Dr.Kamal in particular was great and did an amazing job, the receptionists and the rest of staff are extremely kind and helpful. Would definitely recommend it!

Obaid Alary

Having been satisfied of the services they offered, i recommend Dr. Joy to everyone. When i undergo wisdom tooth extraction they explained to me everything i need to know before the surgery began. After that, they gave a followup video on how to take care of my tooth for faster recovery. Dentist who took the surgery for me is also very responsive when i asked questions regarding the updates on my tooth. Im very much looking forward to have my other wisdom tooth extracted in the future here and have my braces as well. Life is hard with teeth problems but choose JOY anyway! 🙂

Christian Baldonanza

I visited Dr Joy clinic and my experience with this clinic was fantastic! The staff is very informative, thorough, professional and truly customer centric! I do recommend this clinic for your dental care.

Ali Amer

My teeth were really crooked , I went to four well known dentists to check if I could do the Invisalign and only Dr.Joy could offer me this solution, I was very impressed with my first consultation . They used the best technology and had an answer to every question , I was fortunate to meet Dr.Joy himself and immediately knew this will be the best dental clinic to get my Invisalign done . Today my teeth are straight I still go to Dr.Joy's clinic for my cleaning , whitening and I am very happy with the level of service from all the staff in the Al Wasl branch . Dr Rana , the reception staff have been accommodating and helpful . Definitely recommend the clinic to anyone looking for a hygienic modern clinic with dental experts .

Fashoholic ME

I have been going to Dr. Joy clinic for years. Today had a visit to the periodontist Dr.Rima and she is amazing! She took me through what to expect for my procedure and was so thorough, putting me at ease. Super friendly and professional. Highly recommend her. I also visited the new hygienist there,Dr. Faith and she was so light handed throughout and again really love how she explains the reasoning of why she is doing certain things during the procedure. She will definitely be the one to do my regular cleaning. Thanks Dr. Joy clinic for bringing us the best dentists!

Hadeel A

The clinic was easily accessible and valet parking is available. The clinic is very presentable and tidy and It was a plus that they do direct billing to our insurance. It was very child friendly and it was my first time see screens both in front of the patient and on the ceiling, so kids can continue watching their fave show even while lying down. But the best thing is having a wonderful dentist for my kids esp my 2yo who was a first timer. Dr. Mandeep was such a lovely doctor who was so warm and welcoming. He has his way of making kids very calm and comfortable. I actually couldn't believe that he got my 2yo to to open his mouth without any objections! My son stayed still during the whole process and did not move a muscle! My 7yo also got his first filling and the experience was very pleasant, he did not get scared nor was there any pain. Overall, we are very happy to have found Dr. Mandeep.

Yeng G










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