take care of your porcelain veneers

How to take care of your porcelain veneers?

Maintaining a regular dental care regimen, avoiding hard foods, and protecting your veneers during contact sports, are some measures you can take to prolong their life […]

lady with smile makeover

Are Porcelain veneers always the best option for a smile makeover?

Their natural appearance and durability make porcelain veneers the go-to choice for a smile makeover […]

happy kid brushing infront of mirror

5 serious problems if you neglect your child’s dental health

Failure to take care of your child’s oral health can lead to cavities, early tooth loss, and poor self-esteem […]

Lady following keto diet

Can following a Keto diet affect Oral health?

The Keto diet is a specific diet plan that eliminates almost all carbohydrates from daily meals and comprises options like cheese, eggs, and meat. Even though the Keto diet helps transform the body and induce weight loss, it can become the cause of many oral health issues. Effects of Keto Diet on Dental Health Dry […]

mom and kid smiling

Did you Forget Your Child’s Back-to-School Dental Visit?

As the Summer finishes most parents prepare their kids for the new academic year. But they often tend to forget and skip their child’s dental exam which might result in their future oral and other health issues.  So, what can you do to keep up with the Dental check-up of your children? Also, most schools […]

invisalign treatment with specialist orthodontist

Why you should receive Invisalign Treatment only from a Specialist Orthodontist

Invisalign is a perfect choice for someone planning to get their teeth straightened. With Invisalign, one can lead life routines like brushing and flossing, eating favourite foods, and more while getting their smile corrected invisibly. But are you aware that not all dentists can provide Invisalign treatment? Only qualified orthodontists can provide Invisalign treatment as […]

choose from different invisalign treatment

Type of Invisalign that will work best for you

Invisalign is a popular Orthodontic system which uses a series of clear, custom-made aligners to provide you with the perfect smile you always wanted. It can work to correct malocclusions like crossbites, overbites, underbites, spacing of teeth, crowded teeth, and open bites. The duration of the Invisalign treatment depends on your existing malocclusion and the […]

lady looking at mirror with braces

Tips to take care of your braces

Orthodontic treatments are the most common and preferable procedures for smile correction. Orthodontic issues like overbite, underbite, crowding, teeth gap and crooked teeth are corrected using braces. The main concern of people undergoing orthodontic treatment is how they can keep their teeth and braces clean to maintain proper oral hygiene.  Taking care of teeth while […]

Patient on dental chair smiling

What are the various types of dental fillings?

Dental fillings are one of the common dental restoration procedures done by dentists for fixing a decayed, cracked, or chipped tooth. A proper dental filling procedure is carried out by cleaning the tooth area and replacing the lost tooth structure with a dental filling which is then shaped out to mimic the natural teeth.Most commonly […]

What are All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implants?

What are All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implants?

Dental implants are the best option when it comes to replacing lost teeth due to any reason. Missing tooth or teeth if not replaced can cause misalignment of adjacent teeth and also adversely affect the ability to chew. It may also result in bone loss and other severe dental issues in the long run. Dentists […]


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