invisalign treatment with specialist orthodontist

Why you should receive Invisalign Treatment only from a Specialist Orthodontist


Invisalign is a perfect choice for someone planning to get their teeth straightened. With Invisalign, one can lead life routines like brushing and flossing, eating favourite foods, and more while getting their smile corrected invisibly. But are you aware that not all dentists can provide Invisalign treatment? Only qualified orthodontists can provide Invisalign treatment as they undergo special training in treating patients with the Invisalign System.

Various reasons why one should receive Invisalign treatment from a Specialist Orthodontist.

Specialize in the science of moving teeth

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Apart from general dentists, orthodontists have a higher level of expertise in treating orthodontic issues. They not only receive immense experience with orthodontic appliances but also specialize in facial structural changes, including jaw movements and facial muscles, as part of their dental practice. Hence their deep knowledge and hands-on expertise make them apt for rectifying orthodontic issues like teeth gap, crowding, overbite, deep bite, upper bite, crooked teeth, and more.

Developing the right treatment plan for you

A well-trained orthodontist undergoes an in-depth analysis of various elements like the extent of teeth misalignment and the condition of your jaws and facial muscles to develop the best suitable Invisalign treatment plan. They ensure to prepare and plan accordingly to solve the underlying cause of the current orthodontic condition and avoid any failures that might result in headaches, gum, or TMJ issues. Once the treatment begins, they monitor to ensure the proper progress of the treatment.

Choose the best suited Invisalign plan at the right time for you

Getting suggestions from specialist orthodontists is recommended before starting your Invisalign journey, as different brands of aligners are available in the market similar to Invisalign for patients with orthodontic issues. One should be well aware of the type of aligners they are about to use since it is custom-made based on various factors like the patient’s age, present orthodontic condition, and treatment duration. 

Orthodontists utilize their experience in the safe movements of teeth and guidance on the dental, jaw, and facial developments to get the exact idea of when one should undergo Invisalign treatment and at what time. Kids and teenagers experience drastic facial growth and development that can impact orthodontic treatment. A professional and well-trained orthodontist uses this knowledge to work out his orthodontic treatment plan at the ideal time for the best outcome. Hence the patient gets to complete their Invisalign Treatment within less duration and cost at the right time.

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At Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, Invisalign treatments are done by our Invisalign Diamond and Platinum Elite Specialists Orthodontists to ensure you get the quality you deserve. If you’re interested in starting your journey to a straighter, more beautiful smile with us, contact at 800-DRJOY (37569) to book a consultation with our Specialist Orthodontists.







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