Viral Gingivitis in children

Viral Gingivitis (Gingivostomatitis) in Children: Causes and Cures


Childhood is a period of unbounded energy, growth, and discovery. On the other hand, children are also more vulnerable during this time to several health conditions, such as dental infections like viral gingivitis. Gum inflammation is a typical symptom of gingivitis, and when it manifests as a virus, parents may need to take extra precautions. Let’s see the various symptoms of viral gingivitis in children and practical treatments and preventative measures for its cure.

What is Viral Gingivitis?

The broad term for gingivitis refers to gum inflammation around teeth, and it occurs due to plaque accumulation, a sticky bacterial biofilm, on the teeth and gums. Gingivitis can develop into more severe kinds of periodontal disease if treatment is not received.

Virus infections are usually the cause of viral gingivitis, especially in youngsters. The herpes simplex virus (HSV) and coxsackievirus are highly infectious and may be transmitted through direct contact or by touching infected surfaces, are frequent offenders.

Symptoms of Viral Gingivitis in Children

Determining whether a child has viral gingivitis is essential in controlling the associated symptoms. Typical signs and symptoms to be aware of include:

Inflamed and Red Gums: The gums may appear red and swollen initially due to the body’s immunological reaction to the viral infection. 

Gum Bleeding: Children with viral gingivitis may have gum bleeding, particularly during brushing or flossing. It indicates weakening and inflammation of the gum tissues.

Foul Breath: Because viral gingivitis accumulates germs in the mouth, it can cause persistent bad breath.

Challenges Eating: Children with inflamed gums may exhibit hesitation or pain when eating, particularly when ingesting hot, cold, or acidic foods.

Curing Viral Gingivitis in Children

Addressing viral gingivitis in children involves a combination of home care, professional dental intervention, and preventive measures. Here are a few methods for curing and preventing this oral condition:

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene:

  • Use toothpaste containing fluoride to instruct kids on good brushing habits.
  • Promote consistent flossing to get rid of plaque from in between teeth.
  • Emphasize the value of maintaining regular oral hygiene practices.

Maintain Hydration: Make sure your youngster has enough water to drink during the day. Saliva has inherent antibacterial qualities and helps flush away pollutants. Moisture also encourages saliva production.

A Nutritious Diet: Serve a well-balanced diet full of nutritious grains, fruits, and vegetables. Restrict your intake of sugary foods and drinks since these might aggravate gingivitis by fostering the growth of germs.

Frequent dental examinations: Make time for routine dental checkups and cleanings with a dentist, as dentists can detect and treat gingivitis in its early stages.

Topical Treatments: Your dentist could suggest antimicrobial mouthwashes or gels available over the counter to help with healing and inflammation reduction.

Pain management: If your kid is in discomfort, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, over-the-counter medications, can help control pain and reduce inflammation as long as they are taken according to age-appropriate guidelines.

Separation and Personal Hygiene: Since viral gingivitis spreads quickly, ensure your youngster stays away from close contact with people until the symptoms disappear. Stress the need to maintain good personal hygiene and handwashing to stop the virus from spreading.

When a kid has viral gingivitis, it can be difficult for both the parents and the young child. However, this problem may be effectively avoided and healed with a proactive attitude to oral cleanliness, frequent dental checkups, and good lifestyle practices. If your child suffers from the above symptoms or you think they are suffering from gingivitis, contact us at 80037569 and book an appointment with our Specialist Pediatric Dentist or Specialist Periodontists, at Dr Joy Dental Clinic







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