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Varieties of Teeth Whitening procedures and their effects


Your teeth can become yellow for a variety of reasons. Smoking, Coffee, consumption of aerated drinks, other dark beverages and few colored food increases the chance of having stained teeth. If you do not practice good oral hygiene methods each day like brushing and flossing, the stains left on your teeth from foods and drinks just penetrates deeper and is more difficult to remove. Also, even if your diet is fantastic and you avoid dark foods and beverages to prevent staining, teeth will naturally turn yellow with age.

Whiter teeth are intrinsically linked to the self-esteem of a person. In a research conducted by the University of Leeds and Central Lancashire, found that when young men and women are presented with 150 images of people whose teeth shades were changed ranging from healthy white to yellowish, brown and some artificially white. As expected the pictures of people with yellowish teeth were least popular while the white teeth people were categorized as most attractive ones.

As a common trend, we see a huge increase in the production and purchase of Teeth whitening products available in all the pharmacies and supermarkets around the globe. But the question is are they effective?

Harmful effects of Over-the-counter Teeth Whitening products

A recent study published in the British Dental Journal says that most of the over-the-counter whitening products are not effective and they cause irreparable damage to the teeth. A very well-known UK dentist led a trial with five different home whitening kits available in the market. Two of the products show no greater effect than salt water while the rest three were so harsh it could cause damage to the tooth enamel and thus reduce the hardness of the surface.

Who should you go to?

Spas/Salons do not have dentists who can evaluate your teeth and gums to identify if you are a candidate of whitening and choose the right product. Inappropriate use of the wrong product can cause more damage than good.

Why choose us?

At Dr. Joy Dental Clinic we offer Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening System. This dental clinic teeth whitening procedure commonly known as In-office Whitening treatment has transformed the appearance of thousands of patients. With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, the treatment time is shorter and more comfortable for patients.

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What is the procedure?

The Zoom teeth whitening process begins with patients’ teeth being cleaned. Next, all soft tissues around the teeth are protected with a protective barrier. The Zoom gel is then applied and activated by a special light emitted from the Zoom lamp. After three to four cycles, depending on the whiteness desired, the protective gel is removed from the gums and voila, you have a whiter, brighter smile!


The home whitening kit comes with a custom-made tray that the dentist/hygienist gets it done from a Dental lab after taking an impression of your teeth. Teeth whitening gel also is a part of the kit which needs to be applied on the tray before putting it on to the teeth. The usage of the kit
depends on your dentist’s recommendation.

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