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Oral Health and Other Diseases


Every major disease surely gives us an early warning sign. Sometimes, we hear the alarm and at times we unfortunately miss it. But if we pay attention to the oral health then we can spot early signs of any major ailments in our body through these dental issues.

Listed below are few signs and symptoms of dental conditions that can help us understand the wellbeing of some of the major organs of the body –

    • Some studies show that weak gums can be the early sign of heart ailments.
    • Diabetes can reduce body’s resistance to fight infections. Due to the elevated blood sugar level, the risk of having gum diseases also increases.
    • Excessive dry mouth and tongue due to some medication can also lead to tooth decay
    • Grinning with joy is good but grinding your teeth due to excessive stress can have bad effects on your dental health.

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  • The brittle bone condition due to osteoporosis can also lead to tooth decay and loss.
  • It is always desired to have bright pink, healthy gums. But pale gums can be signs of Anemia.
  • Excessive acidity or any kinds of eating disorder can lead to eroding of the tooth enamel
  • Studies also show that if you are losing your tooth then be careful of acquiring chronic kidney disease.

It might seem a little overwhelming to find that a mere tooth pain can lead to serious ailments. But instead of either worrying about it and stressing yourself further its always better to seek specialist’s advice.


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