Dental Hygienist - Renad Alkasasbeh

Renad Alkasasbeh

Dental Hygienist

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Dental Hygiene
  • Treatments Offered:

    Teeth Whitening, Home Teeth Whitening, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Scaling and polishing, Airflow stain removal, Oral hygiene education, Application of fluoride and desensitizing agents, GBT – guided biofilm therapy iTop – individually trained oral prophylaxis, Fabrication and delivery of mouthguards
  • Location: Mirdif Sport Society Mall
  • Languages: Arabic, English
  • Nationality: Jordan

Professional Information

Renad Alkasasbeh is a Dental Hygienist with a Bachelor of Dental Hygiene degree from Jordan. With several years of experience in the field, she has been practising in the UAE and has been a vital asset to the dental healthcare community in the United Arab Emirates.

Renad’s commitment to improving oral health and dental hygiene is evident in her extensive skill set and professional achievements. Her  dedication to dental hygiene, combined with her expertise in various dental procedures, makes her a valuable member of our dental healthcare team. Her compassionate and patient-centered approach ensures that every individual receives the highest quality dental care.

She is also highly skilled in handling special needs children and adults, offering specialized dental care tailored to their unique requirements. Renad is dedicated to promoting preventive dental care practices. She actively educates her patients on the importance of oral hygiene and preventive measures, helping them maintain their oral health and reduce the risk of dental issues and also helps her patients manage their dental fear via her compassionate and gentle approach.

Outside of her professional life as a Dental Hygienist, Renad Alkasasbeh leads a balanced personal life. She is an avid reader, enjoys staying active and has a passion for continuous learning.

She is available to see patients for the following treatments:

  • Scaling and polishing
  • Airflow stain removal
  • Oral hygiene education
  • Application of fluoride and desensitizing agents
  • In office whitening and home whitening
  • GBT – guided biofilm therapy
  • iTop – individually trained oral prophylaxis
  • Fabrication and delivery of mouthguards










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