Dr. Namrata Mathrawala

Dr. Namrata MathrawalaPediatric Dentist
I love engaging with children in their stories and their magical view of the world. I derive great satisfaction when I help a fearful child realise “I can do it!

Dr. Namrata Mathrawala BDS., MDS

Pediatric Dentist

Burjuman branch 

Dr. Namrata Mathrawala graduated with her Bachelors’ of Dental Surgery from Dr. D.Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital, India in 2005, and later went on to complete her Masters in Dental Surgery in the field of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry in 2009.  She has also achieved certification for the Standard Proficiency in Dental Lasers by the Academy of Laser Dentistry in Dubai and is an American-certified hypnotherapist.

Dr. Namrata is known to be comforting, very patient, and gentle with all her little patients and is frequently praised by parents on her ability to reduce dental anxiety and fear.  Her work with children and their parents from early in their life gives her great satisfaction, knowing that she plays a central role of instilling good oral hygiene that can ensure a cavity-free life.

She feels most rewarded when she achieves co-operation for dental treatments through techniques of behavior modification.  Her training in hypnotherapy helps relax her young patients along with the inhalation sedation that she offers. For very young children or children with special needs who require extensive dental treatments, Dr. Namrata offers the treatments under General Anesthesia in a hospital.

Dr. Namrata is available to treat young patients for the following treatments:

  • Treatment of Nervous Children with Nitrous Oxide Sedation and General Anesthesia
  • Dental Restorations and Extractions
  • Space Maintainers
  • Pulp Therapy and Root Canal Treatment for Children
  • Aesthetic and Stainless-Steel Crowns for Children
  • Correction of developing malocclusions in children’s teeth
  • Correction of harmful oral habits in children

She speaks English, Hindi. Gujarati and Marathi.


I was having fear of how my son will react and if the doctor will control his anger while treatment. I felt happy for having my kid smile again with no pain and great looking teeth. Thank you for your efforts!

Ola Kassem

I honestly did not think that my 3yo son would sit and behave so well on his first dental check up. I guess Dr. Namrata’s expertise with children and her charm captivated him that he followed orders and we went through the check up without a single tear shed. In fact, he was even very excited in every visit we had for his fillings. Though a bit pricey (for those who doesnt have dental insurance coverage like me); it was still worth the visits knowing that your kid’s health is taken care of by an expert. I would strongly recommend to everyone with children. ? thank you Dr. Namrata of Burjuman Clinic and the staff for giving my son a wonderful and fun dental experience! See you in six months!

Marjorie Zabala De Villa

I had a wonderful treatment for my 3&1/2 year old girl from Dr.Namrata.. she was soooo good n made my child sooo comfortable . My daughter had cavity n it was so painful fir her but dr.nanrata tested her so well that she was so happy n dint cry at all . Thank u . I would strongly recommend.

Elavarasi Sampath

Would like to share my experience with Dr Namrata, my daughter had two dental extractions and they were a breeze, she made my daughter extremely comfortable by putting a show of her choice and made the procedure very easy by telling her that its going to be just fine and it really was!! Will be meeting her again this week.

Smita Bhat

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