Dr. Marjan Dorkhan

Specialist Endodontist

  • Qualification: DDS, MSc Endodontics
  • Specialities:

    Root Canal Treatment
  • Location: Jumeirah & Palm Jumeirah Clinic – Dubai
  • Languages: English, Swedish, Persian & Arabic
  • Nationality: Sweden

Professional Information

Dr. Marjan Dorkhan is a well-known Endodontist in Dubai with more than 17 years of experience. Her gentle and professional approach is proven by the continuous positive feedback and good reviews she receives from her patients.

Dr. Marjan graduated as Dentist (DDS) in 1999 from Malmö University, Sweden. Since then, she earned her first Post-Graduate degree (MSc) in Implantology, in 2005, from the much-respected University College of London, UK, followed by a PhD in Oral Microbiology (Malmö University, Sweden) with honors, and specialist degree in Endodontics (MSc) from European University College, DHCC.

During her years as an associate researcher at the Department of Microbiology, Malmö University, she published several distinguished articles in prominent dental journals and served as expert referee for other scientific dental articles.

Dr. Marjan practices exclusive Endodontics using the Microscope to deliver her patients the most accurate results. She gets referrals from other colleagues and is adept at treating the most complicated cases.

She has been involved in developing the educational programs in Malmö University and European University College as well as training both Undergraduate- and Postgraduate- dental students in both institutes.

As an advocate for lifelong learning, she is continuously updating her knowledge by attending advanced workshops and eminent dental conferences worldwide.

She speaks fluent English, Swedish, Persian and basic Arabic.

Google Reviews

I had a root canal today!! The whole experience was not unpleasant! I was scared. My tooth was complicated as the root was dead and calcified. Dr. Marjan was gentle, caring, open and honest. The anaesthetic has worn off and I was expecting some pain but there is none. I am really in awe. This is weird to say, but this was one of my best dentist experiences.

Sarah Toa

I had a root canal done with dr Marjan .. I really don’t know what I was worrying about. She was very gentle and it was over and done with in about 40 mins. Very happy to recommend .. thank you 🙏🏻

Nat White

Visiting Dr. Marjan Dorkhan makes you change your whole fear about visiting a dentist. She did my root canal and what an easy painless procedure it was. A professional endodentist which made my day with her silky way in explaining everything in details while doing the procedure.

Hussein Houdroge

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