Specialist Pediatric Dentist - Dr. Lama Dakkouri

Dr. Lama Dakkouri

Specialist Pediatric Dentist

  • Qualification: DDS, PGDip, MSc, DDent, FFD (RCSI)
  • Specialities:

    Invisalign First, Pit and fissure sealants, Fluoride applications, Dental Restorations and deep caries management for children, Aesthetic Paediatric Crowns, Trauma management and Extractions, Space Management and interceptive orthodontics, Treatment of young and anxious children under inhalation sedation and General Anaesthesia
  • Location: Dubai Hills Mall Clinic
  • Languages: English, Arabic
  • Nationality: Jordan

Professional Information

Dr. Lama Dakkouri is an accomplished specialist in pediatric and special care dentistry, boasting an impressive career spanning over 12 years. Her educational journey commenced in 2010 at the University of Jordan, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in dentistry. In 2012, she relocated to London and completed a Dental Doctorate in Pediatric Dentistry from the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute at University College London (UCL) in 2015. In 2016, she added a Master’s of Science (MSc) in special care dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute- UCL to her qualification. The following year, she acquired a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in dental conscious sedation from Kings College London Dental Institute, further expanding her expertise. Dr Lama has worked in several countries including the UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & the UAE.

Dr. Lama also has  a clinical fellowship in craniofacial and cleft lip/palate from the  Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. Beyond her impressive academic and clinical pursuits, Dr. Lama holds membership and fellowship status at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, where she attained her final fellowship in pediatric dentistry (FFD) in 2016. Her primary focus lies in the dental management of both children and adults with special care needs under sedation. Her bond with the children spiked her interest to explore yet another milestone in academia and eventually complete a Diploma in Child Psychology and a Diploma in Autism Awareness.

Dr Lama has also co-founded the Arabic Society of Disability and Oral Health, demonstrating her commitment to addressing oral health disparities in underserved communities. She has also contributed significantly to her field through presentations at national and international conferences, and her groundbreaking research has found a home in numerous esteemed international journals.

On a personal level, Dr. Lama loves to read and Play piano.

She is available for following treatments:

  • Pit and fissure sealants 
  • Fluoride applications
  • Dental Restorations and deep caries management for children
  • Aesthetic Paediatric Crowns
  • Trauma management and Extractions 
  • Space Management and interceptive orthodontics
  • Treatment of young and anxious children under inhalation sedation and General Anaesthesia
  • Invisalign First 










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