Quick facts about Gum Disease


Believe it or not, gum disease is very common amongst adults – surprisingly more in men than women – from mild conditions (gingivitis) to serious conditions (periodontitis), which can result in tooth loss. Gum disease occurs when plaque hardens, forming tartar that only a dentist can remove. When plaque and tartar are not removed by a dental cleaning, gums become infected and gum disease is inevitable. This is why we harp on about seeing your dentists regularly – every 6 months. Don’t despair, as we’ve put together the essential facts you need to know about gum problems.

 Risk factors:

  • Smoking
  • Hormonal changes in women/girls
  • Diabetes
  • Other illnesses
  • Medications
  • Genetic susceptibility

Telltale signs:

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Red, swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums

Preventative steps:

  • Brushing properly twice a day
  • Flossing every day
  • Rinsing with a mouth wash every day
  • Regular check-ups and dental cleanings
  • Don’t smoke

The good news is that gum disease can be easily reversed if treated in the early stages. Problems only arise when left untreated, as gums pull away from the teeth creating pockets, allowing plaque to grow below the gum line, causing infection. If left untreated, the bacterial toxins eventually destroy bone, gum and tissue that support your teeth. So, if you are experiencing any of the telltale signs above, best to book an appointment with your dentist or hygienist ASAP. Better to be safe than sorry, we always say.

Happy gums, happy teeth!


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