How do we safeguard our patients during covid-19


Covid-19 has changed the way people work and function.  The Dental Healthcare industry has also completely revamped and upgraded their infection control protocols to meet this challenge.

Dr. Joy Dental Clinic is fully operational to treat patients for all dental appointments.  We have always followed the highest standards of infection control but now we are going above and beyond the protocols issued by the local health authorities to ensure that our team and patients are safe.

How are we safeguarding our patients from Covid-19?

Keeping in line with the highest quality and infection control considerations, along with providing the best care for our patients, we have implemented strict safety protocols for all our clinic personnel to follow:

  1. Sterilization – Every instruments and hand piece are thoroughly cleaned using steam and high pressure in the washer disinfector and later sterilized in an autoclave machine. Special biological indicators are used to ensure that proper sterilization is achieved.
  1. Use of Disposable Barriers – All possible surfaces that could be exposed to aerosols in the dental room are cleaned with EPA registered disinfectant and then covered with special disposable barriers between each patient.
  1. Sanitization of Common Areas – We do a thorough disinfection of the all the common areas that frequently come in contact with any patients or staff. The sanitization is well documented.
  1. Personal Protective Equipment – All our clinical staff wear personal protective equipment as per the standards of DHA and CDC. This is to prevent cross-contamination and also protect our team and patients. This is changed between every patient.
  1. Hand Hygiene – This is the most important step to prevent infection transmission in covid-19 and we have strict hand washing protocols using antibacterial soap and alcohol sanitizers.
  1. Waste Disposal – All wastes are properly segregated into sharp needles and objects, medical waste and general waste. These are then disposed off in special containers.
  1. Pre-procedural Mouthwash – We require every patient to rinse their mouth with 1% hydrogen peroxide or 0.2% povidone iodine mouthwash before starting their dental treatment. This is effective in reducing the level of microbes in the mouth.
  1. Aerosol Reducing Measures – We use high-vacuum suction for all procedures that could potentially generate aerosols. Studies have shown that using high-vacuum suction is one of the most effective ways to reduce splatter and aerosol contamination from 81% to 90%.
  1. Rubberdam – We use rubberdam for all cases that warrant it to reduce the contamination for the patient and our team.
  1. Water Quality – All the water lines in our dental chairs are fitted with special water filters from Techno-Gaz, Italy and the water is checked every week for quality.
  1. Employee Screening – All our staff are allowed to work only if they are in perfect health and have no history of coming in contact with anyone sick.
  1. Maintenance – We have an in-house maintenance department that does routine maintenance of all our equipment, to ensure that they are functioning as per the standards.
  1. Air Conditioners and Filters – We have air purification filters to ensure that the air is purified in and outside the dental rooms.
  1. Deep Cleaning and Disinfection – At the end of every day, a disinfection company approved by Dubai municipality does a deep cleaning and disinfection of all our clinics using advanced systems.

What to expect when you want to book an appointment?

  1. Tele-Screening – Our call center will ask you if you are suffering from any covid-19 symptoms and your history of potential contact with any positive patients.
  1. Temperature Check – Upon entry to the clinic, we will check you for any symptoms and your temperature will be recorded.
  1. Masks and Gloves – You will be provided a mask and gloves to wear until you enter the dental room.


  1. Social Distancing – In all our clinics we have implemented seating arrangements to ensure that safe distance is maintained.


  1. Removal of Difficult to Clean Items – For your safety we have removed all the newspapers, magazines, books and toys and the children play area is unfortunately closed.


  1. Sanitizers – We have increased the number of hand sanitizers and tissues around the clinics so please use them.


What to know before you book an appointment?


  • All five of our branches our open to treat urgent and emergency cases. If you have any symptoms of flu we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate you, and request that you please get yourself checked by a medical doctor. We will be happy to book an appointment once you are fully recovered.
  • If you are not sure about the problem you have and would like an opinion, we offer the option of consulting online with any of our Specialists or General Dentists.
  • Please do not bring any one to accompany you to the clinic unless it is a guardian of a child or a caregiver.
  • Please follow all the precautions and maintain safe distance.


 At Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, the health of our patients and team is our first priority and we are doing everything to ensure a clean and safe environment in all our clinics.  All our five branches are open for all Dental Treatments, so please Contact Us on 800-DRJOY (37569) or click here to book an appointment.











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