Treatment for Gummy Smiles at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic


A gummy smile is quite a common condition. Unfortunately, some people feel self-conscious about the visibility of their gums and feel shy when smiling. A smile is extremely important and is definitely something you should not be hesitant to do.

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is when the ratio of gums to teeth are not in proportion. Worn teeth from age or grinding habits can also have an effect on the proportion of teeth to gum. Another cause of a gummy smile is hyperactive lip movement, by which your lip is lifted higher than normal, exposing more gum when smiling. In most cases, a gummy smile is when 4mm or more of gum tissue is visible.

I have heard many people say they are reluctant to smile because they feel too much gum can be seen. To my surprise, most of them are unaware that this can easily be fixed. Gum correction is becoming increasingly popular and is helping people feel confident about their smile. In the past, surgery was required to correct the gum line and would often have a long healing process. However, due to advanced technologies, this is no longer the case and the procedure is easier than ever.

How do you correct a gummy smile?

Our highly experienced Periodontists use modern techniques to improve gum aesthetics, including correcting uneven gum lines and lengthening teeth that appear small. At Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, which is one of the best dental clinic in Dubai, we use the most modern technologies for our patients. The Waterlase iPlus Laser is used for gum correction, allowing for less bleeding, faster healing time and of course less discomfort during the treatment. The procedure will trim the excess gum which will allow more tooth to be visible and minimize the gummy look.

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