How To Prevent Cavities

How to Prevent Dental Cavities?


Preventing dental cavities helps you keep severe dental issues at bay. By following the below you can maintain healthy teeth.

  • Brush and floss properly, at least twice a day.
  • Avoid foods high in sugar and carbohydrates, as these types of foods feed the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Don’t snack and sip soda, as this produces a constant acid bath over your teeth.
  • Ensure you get enough fluoride, as it helps prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to acids produced by plaque.
  • Monitor your fillings, as decay can occur underneath dental restorations over time.
  • Avoid having a dry mouth, as saliva washes away food and sugars, which helps protect your teeth from decay.
  • See your dentist for regular check-ups and dental cleanings.
  • Keep your sugar levels in check, as diabetes can increase tooth decay.
  • Do not Smoke or breathing secondhand smoke.
  • Abstain from bedtime feeding, as milk or juices remain on your infant’s teeth for hours, providing food for decay-causing bacteria.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, good oral hygiene starts at home and goes a long way to combating tooth decay. I know without a doubt that I’d rather take good care of my teeth than have to sit through a root canal or dental implant procedure. In saying that, when it comes to trying to refrain myself from cutting out all sugary foods – it is hopeless – I have 10 dental fillings (white fillings, of course) to prove it!

So my best advice is, if you experience a toothache, swelling in your gums, bad breath or even a bad taste in your mouth, visit your local dentist to make sure your dental health is in good order. Please note that tooth decay continues to grow if left untreated, which can cause your tooth to die. Even if the pain subsides, please seek professional advice from your dentist. You owe it to yourself to take great care of your teeth!











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