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Tips to take care of your braces


Orthodontic treatments are the most common and preferable procedures for smile correction. Orthodontic issues like overbite, underbite, crowding, teeth gap and crooked teeth are corrected using braces. The main concern of people undergoing orthodontic treatment is how they can keep their teeth and braces clean to maintain proper oral hygiene. 

Taking care of teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment is tedious as the tiny spaces between the braces and brackets act as a food trap, later causing plaque and other dental problems. 

Here are some tips that help you maintain healthy teeth and oral hygiene while having braces.

  • Proper or Systematic Brushing 
  • Flossing
  • Following a healthy diet
  • Regular visit to Orthodontist

Proper or Systematic Brushing

While having braces, one has to spend some extra time brushing their teeth. Also, brushing twice a day, following a more systematic approach is recommended. Brush starting on the top, using a gentle circular motion, and then slowly moving the toothbrush across each tooth. As the brushing progresses, one should use the brush below the wires to remove the food particles above and below the braces. This needs to be done for both the top and bottom teeth.

Dentists suggest using an interdental toothbrush as it can reach the inaccessible tooth regions while wearing braces. Also, the usage of fluoride toothpaste while brushing gives the best results.



Flossing helps in removing plaque build-up, as well as any smaller food particles stuck in between your braces or teeth. Using a floss threader makes this easy as it freely moves around the orthodontic brackets and braces. Flossing right after eating and before bed can help prevent cavities and gum diseases. 

Flossing first, followed by brushing, is more effective in removing interdental plaque. Dentists nowadays recommend water flossers for more effective removal of food particles stuck in between the braces and brackets during orthodontic treatment procedure.

Following a healthy diet

While undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is always better to maintain a healthy diet. It not only improves your oral health but also makes it easier to maintain your overall health.

One needs to stay away from foods that are sticky, hard, or chewy to avoid damages to your teeth or braces Eating hard foods results in the breaking of wires and loosening of the brackets. It can prolong the orthodontic treatment duration, as you may have to consult your orthodontists’ multiple times to fix the same. 

Having foods like chocolates may cause calcification of teeth making it prone to dental issues. Excluding those sticky and chewy foods makes it easier to clean your teeth and braces as there are fewer chances of food getting stuck to them. 

Regular visits to Orthodontist

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A regular visit to the orthodontist is required while undergoing braces treatment, as proper adjustments to the appliance need to be done to complete the orthodontic procedure on time. Also, any discomfort or pain that doesn’t dissipate after making the adjustments needs to be consulted with the orthodontist at the earliest. Routine check-ups help spot signs of cavities and gum diseases. 

Teeth cleaning within a time gap of 3 months is recommended by dentists while one is undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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