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We believe it is our responsibility to provide patients with the latest dental technology to help them achieve their goals. With new technology, we can often perform many dental procedures more effectively, reducing treatment and recovery time, minimizing side effects, and ultimately achieving more precise results.

If you have any questions about the technology we use in our practice, or if you are interested in scheduling a consultation with one of our dentists, please contact us.

Dental Laser: No Shots, No Drill, No Pain

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We have revolutionized the way we practice dentistry using the latest cutting-edge dental lasers, changing your experience of dentistry like never before. With this laser, we are able to accomplish dental procedures faster than ever, with less pain, less bleeding, and faster healing. This state-of-the-art laser is available at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, Jumeirah branch in Dubai.

waterlase-dr-joy-dental-clinic dubai

3D – DVT Scanner for Accurate Diagnosis

Using our Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) unit, we are able to get three-dimensional scans of your jaw (CT scan). This technology has removed the guesswork from the surgical placement of implants. Now we can be sure to a micromillimetre the position of vital structures such as nerves and the height, width and depth of bone available, for a successful implant placement. This also helps us to choose the right implant for your jaw, reducing the complications of implant dentistry to almost nil. This is a major advancement from the method implants were placed before by two dimensional X-rays.

Intraoral Scanner: Digital Scanning For Accuracy and Precision

scanner dr joy dental clinic dubai

The Cerec Intraoral Scanner now helps us to scan your teeth and digitally upload the data to our dental lab or Invisalign® in the US.

The advantages of the scanner are:

  • It replaces traditional impressions which can be an unpleasant experience for some causing gagging.
  • Accuracy is much more superior to traditional impressions.
  • Faster – the data can be sent instantly to our lab for manufacturing of crowns, inlays/onlays. It can also send the data instantly to Invisalign® USA ensuring faster delivery of the aligners.

The 3Shape TRIOS Dental Intraoral Scanner is used to provide the best treatment experience as it enhances the patient’s comfort. It improves the patient’s experience with amazing engagement tools and it reduces chair-time. It helps dentists show patients their digital scans and dynamic treatment information close-up.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Remarkable scan speed
  • Provides digital accuracy and limits manual errors
  • Easy impression taking and fewer retakes
  • Realistic colors
  • Patient-Specific Motion to perfect your restorations
scanner dr joy dental clinic dubai
intraoral scanner
velscope dr joy dental clinic

VELscope: Enabling the Early Detection of Oral Cancer

velscope dr joy dental clinic

Dr. Joy Dental Clinic has introduced the award-winning VELscope machine which is recognized by the World Health Organization. VELscope can detect early signs of oral cancer and is more accurate when compared to the traditional examination methods when screening for tissue abnormalities. Many dentists cannot detect oral cancer with the naked eye, but with the aid of the VELscope, we can see under the tissue which helps us detect potentially dangerous growths and lesions. The death rate for oral cancer is particularly high because it is hard to discover and diagnose. Very often it does not cause pain or show symptoms, signifying the importance to undergo regular check-ups.

With the VELscope, an oral cancer diagnosis is more accurate than ever. VELscope works by enhancing the visualization of pre-cancers, cancer, and other disease processes and does not require any dyes or prolonged testing procedures. The machine can help you see things which may be hard to visualize otherwise, by offering an imaging modality which is sensitive to tissue changes.

Microscopic Endodontics for Precise Root Canal Treatment


The success of a root canal treatment depends on how well the Endodontist can clean and treat all root canals completely, of the infected tooth. The teeth may have single or multiple roots with up to 3 canals each, containing pulp. Some of these canals can be as thin as a hair strand.

One of the most revolutionary developments in Endodontics is the dental microscope. Our Endodontists use the Global G6 Microscope as a leader in this field which helps them magnify a tooth from 3x to 20x. This makes it possible for them to identify and treat the most minute structures and infected canals. Thus, pain is alleviated and excellent long-term results are achieved after the root canal treatment.


AcceleDent: Faster Orthodontic Treatment.

Acceledent is a groundbreaking technology in Orthodontics. With just 20 minutes of use every day, it can almost reduce your Orthodontic Treatment time by 40-50%.

The Acceledent is a portable hands-free device consisting of a mouthpiece that is connected to an activator. It generates gentle vibrations using patented soft pulse technology. The micropulses stimulate the bone cells and increase the rate of bone remodeling and thereby accelerate the tooth movement. This means you can complete your Invisalign treatment of braces treatment faster while achieving the same fantastic results.


Wand: Painless Anesthesia


For many of you who are scared of needles and the associated pain, the Wand is the latest computerized controlled anesthetic delivery system in dentistry.

It works by delivering the anesthetic using a computer-controlled machine, which regulates the flow of anesthetic into the tissues in such a way that you hardly feel the injection. With this system, we can almost give pain-free injections and we do not need to numb the entire jaw if it is not required. We can just numb a single tooth, allowing you to leave the clinic and carry on with your day as normal.

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