Soraya P Dhansay

Soraya graduated with her Diploma in Dental Hygiene from the University of Western Cape, South Africa in 1979. She has been working In the Emirates Airlines clinic in Dubai for more than 10 years. Soraya believes that prevention is much better than curing patients of their dental ailments, as a healthy mouth is important to the general wellbeing.

Her four decades of knowledge in the dental field puts her in a position to dispel myths or misinformation that patients face on a daily basis through social or online platforms.

Soraya Dhansay really enjoys creating long-lasting connections with her patients by having a genuine interest in their wellbeing and health. This allows her to build rapport and trust while offering the highest standards in dental care. Her love for dental hygiene also encourages and empowers her patients through education and awareness of oral health issues to ensure
they have good oral health

She enjoys reading and stay up to date on the latest techniques, and is a registered member of the Health Professional Council of South Africa.

Soraya is available to see patients for the following treatments:

  • Routine Cleaning and Polishing using Guided Biofilm Therapy
  • ZOOM Teeth Whitening
  • She speaks English and Afrikaans

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