Dr. Sushma Nora Lewis

Specialist Endodontist

Professional Information

Dr. Sushma Nora Lewis is Specialist Endodontist. She completed her BDS in 2010 and her MDS in 2014. As an Endodontist, she wants to make an extensive contribution in providing dental care. She is an expert in diagnosis, treatment planning and has an in-depth knowledge of the practices, principles, and techniques in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. She pays close attention to patient care and the ability to communicate well with patients and families being fluent in four Indian languages.

Dr. Sushma Nora Lewis has experience in a wide spectrum of cosmetic and endodontic procedures along with general dentistry, with special attention to recent advances in dental materials and technology. In addition, She performs all basic dental procedures required by a dental setup for all age groups.

Google Reviews

I love Dr. Joy Dental Clinic! Their work is great! They does a wonderful job, you could sleep while the dentist works, that’s how great and light their hands are! Thank you Dr Joy Dental Clinic!

Menna Hani

Excellent facility! Care is par excellence! Doctors and staff are extremely friendly and professional! The dentist exhibited the highest level of professionalism and patient care. Thank you very much for your services and keep up the great work.

Tariq A. Aazem

Thank you for the amazing service and the fast and comfortable experience. I wish you all the best to the entire team.

Khawla Ali

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