Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Priya Verma

Dr. Priya Verma

Specialist Pediatric Dentist

Professional Information

Dr Priya Verma is a Specialist pediatric dentist with more than 17 years of experience. She attained her dental degree and master degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. She also completed her Phd in Pediatric dentistry in the year of 2018.

She is the first pediatric dentist from India to get qualified as a Developmental dentist from the USA for patients who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She is the author of 21 dental books and has extensively contributed  & co-authored several dental textbooks of national and international repute. Dr Priya Verma is an author of a textbook for “Pediatric Dentistry for Special Child” which is the only reference book available globally. Besides this she is the founder & Secretary General of Federation of special care Dentistry and being actively involved with editorial roles in many other organizations. She is  an active member of the advisory committee for the international association of disability and oral health. 

She is extremely passionate about her work with children and she loves easing their fear and anxiety to dental treatment and do the procedure with minimal discomfort. Most of the time she works with behavior management as she believes it is helpful in the long run, however for some children who may require extensive treatments and are very phobic, she provides inhalation sedation and treatment under general anaesthesia.

She has a preventive and conservative approach towards her little patients and she believes in comprehensive management of clinical cases. This keeps the family rest assured that their child is in safe hands and the treatments are completed in a conservative  way with precise treatment results.

She speaks English & Hindi.

Dr Priya  is available to see patients for the following treatments:

  • Treatment of young and anxious children under inhalation sedation and General Anaesthesia
  • Dental Restorations and deep caries management for children
  • Pit and fissure sealants and preventive dentistry 
  • Drill free/ Minimal Interventional Dentistry for the little ones 
  • Trauma management and Extractions 
  • Space Management and interceptive orthodontics
  • Pulp Therapy and Root Canal Treatment for Children
  • Aesthetic and Stainless-Steel Crowns for Children
  • Correction of harmful oral habits in children
  • Children with special health care needs
  • Infant oral health care 
  • Early cleft care










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