Dr. Kinjal Raval

Dr. Kinjal RavalPeriodontist

Dr Kinjal Raval is a Specialist Periodontist at Dr Joy Dental Clinic.

Her academic qualifications include BDS from MUHS, Nashik, and MDS from Dr. D Y Patil Dental College and Hospital, India’s premier dental education institution. Her expertise is in the effective management of periodontal diseases.

Dr. Kinjal began her professional career journey in Mumbai from the year 2013 and has been actively working in the UAE since 2 years.

She provides aesthetic gum treatments in cases of recession, around implants, pre and post orthodontics and prosthetic purposes. She is certified to perform various laser-assisted painless procedures and teeth whitening procedures.

She communicates effectively with residents of this multicultural city, providing them with comprehensive dental care. She follows a simple practice of “patient first” by giving each patient the utmost care & best possible treatment. Her infectious positive attitude, professional judgment, ability to navigate complex procedures along with strong work ethics, makes her a perfect blend of modern & conservative practitioner. She has proven to go the extra mile in order to help patients with the best results and bring smiles all across. We are happy and proud to have her on our team.


I came in with crowded teeth. I had a very in depth consultation with Dr. Rana who explained that in a year's time my teeth would be perfectly straight and that the ceramic, white braces are hardly visible to others. So I opted for the treatment and as discussed just had the braces removed - my teeth are straight and the majority of people around me did not know I was wearing braces. Both Dr. Rana and Sasha were extremely helpful throughout the year. The staff were always very pleasant and welcoming and I would recommend the clinic and the professionals I saw to anyone.

George Harding

My teeth have improved a lot, before they were overlapping on the bottom and now they are straight and overall they look much better. Thank you Dr. Rana!

Ana Matos

Very happy with my final result in relation to my braces! Thanks to Dr. Rana, my teeth now look perfectly straight and better than ever!

Wojciech Jakub Bajda

Loving the place. Very professional staff. Easy to make an appointment as the girls at the reception are helpful and friendly. For Russian speakers, well, ask for Olga. They opened an orthodontic clinic next door. Came across Dr. Rana. Very knowledgeable & professional. Fixed my long term issue.

Nastya Konikhova

One of my friends recommended Dr. Joy to me. I have a very complicated case so I was very skeptical in terms of finding a solution. I had lost hope after having 2 failed implants in another clinic. I was booked for a full ortho assessment with Dr. Rana and she was fantastic ! Dr. Rana explained all my options and possibilities regarding braces. She was so friendly and detailed in her assessment. I will be using braces to move my teeth so I can have new implants by Dr. Gabriel who came highly recommended. I cant stress how happy I am to have met Dr. Rana. Thank you for being amazing!!

Husni Elayyan

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