Dr. Indraniil Roy

Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Implantologist

Professional Information

Dr. Indraniil graduated with his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from RGUHS University, India in 2003 and continued his studies to achieve his Master of Dental Surgery from KLE University, India in 2010.  He then completed the requirements and received the prestigious Fellowship of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, which sets the benchmark for quality dental implantology practice around the world.  He also has a Fellowship from the Indian Society of Oral Implantologists and recently he was conferred the Fellowship of Indian College of Surgeons.

Dr. Indraniil Roy is currently rated the second-best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in the UAE on the Dr. Five website solely based on positive Google reviews.  His work and methodology speak for itself, as he is highly sought-after for his various treatments.

Dr. Indraniil became a Surgeon and Implantologist so he could have the ability to change his patients’ facial appearance and ultimately the way they look and feel about themselves.  He takes great satisfaction in giving patients’ their self-esteem back, allowing them to smile with confidence once again.

He has extensive experience in treating patients with simple and complex implant rehabilitations.

Dr. Indraniil is available to see patients of all ages for the following treatments:

  • Surgical Extractions and Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth
  • Same-day Dental Implants
  • All-on-4 and All-on-6 Dental Implants
  • Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures related to Facial Trauma
  • Dental Infections and Removal of Hard & Soft Tissue Tumors
  • Cyst Enucleations and Root Apicectomies

He speaks English, Hindi and Bengali.

Google Reviews

I had a Wonderful experience with Dr. Indraniil Roy (Dr. Joy Dental clinic). He was very friendly and explained all the things very clearly. He was very patient to answer all queries and ensured a smooth prep, surgery. He is incredible. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Rakhee Sujit

Mine was a complicated impacted wisdom tooth which was troubling me for many years as all Dentists I showed it were not prepared to operate. However, Dr Indraniil Roy was confident and he did a great job in the extraction which lasted only 30 minutes. There was hardly any pain and even the swelling he said will be there few days post-extraction was not there. Highly Recommended!!!

deepak jacob

Had a wisdom tooth extraction done by Dr. Indranil. Absolutely painless experience and extremely professional. Recovery has been smooth. Hands down, he is the best dentist I have ever seen. Thank u.

Aarathi Ramnath

I rarely use dental services in UAE, but found Dr Joy clinic as the most professional. Had my dental procedures with Doctor Indraniil - impressed with approach and the follow ups after procedures, highly recommend both Clinic and the doctor

Anna Safari

I did my wisdom tooth surgery with Dr. Indraniil Roy. Calling him the best oral surgeon I ever met is an underestimation. He took great care of everything related to the surgery from the beginning till the end. He explained everything in detail, handled my stress from this procedure really professionally, and he even gave me his mobile number to contact him in case of any questions/issues. I did contact him few times over Whatsapp later on, and he was very prompt in replying and addressing my queries. I definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a similar surgery. Thank you Dr. Indraniil!

Fatma Mohammed

I had a surgical wisdom tooth extraction with Dr. Indraniil Roy, and I am extremely impressed and delighted with his professionalism and personalized care!! He was exceptionally smooth, made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure, and left me his personal contact to followup on any concerns I had through my healing process. One of the best dental experiences I have ever had. An amazing doctor, the BEST you can find!! I would highly recommend him!

Shavonn D’Souza

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