Dr. Anil S Ramu

Dr. Anil S Ramu

Specialist Orthodontist

Professional Information

Dr. Anil S Ramu is a specialist orthodontist with 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. Anil received his BDS degree and a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India. He completed his Fellowship in Neuromuscular Orthodontics from Italy under ICNOG and a Master’s degree in Neuromuscular Orthodontics and cranio-mandibular orthopedics from Jaume I University, Spain.

He has vast experience in planning customized orthodontic treatments for both children and adults and has successfully treated over 5000 patients. Dr. Anil has been awarded as an Invisalign aligners platinum provider every year since 2016 and is well versed in aligner therapy.

Other than routine orthodontic treatment, Dr. Anil is experienced in treating cleft lip and palate patients of all age groups. Dr. Anil has been the specialist orthodontist in the team of doctors comprising plastic surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon and speech pathologist at the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing between 2010 – 2015. He has been actively publishing articles in the dental professional journals and has presented his works at various national and international conferences.

Dr. Anil speaks English and Hindi.

He is available to see patients for the following procedures.

  • Non-Extraction Orthodontics
  • Orthodontics for Balanced Face
  • Surgical Orthodontics
  • Invisalign Adult and Teen
  • Damon (Self Ligation Bracket System)

Google Reviews

I'm extremely grateful to Dr Anil ,who is the most professional Orthodontist iv met.. extremely gentle. I'm extremely grateful to Dr Anil ,and the entire joy dental clinic team..
Sadia Nasir

Dr. Anil is a very experienced doctor. He is very patient with my Invisalign treatment for the past two years. I'm very happy and now my daughter is also with him for her early years Invisalign treatment. I would recommend my friends and whoever see my confident smile and want to change their's.

Nan Xiang

I are extremely happy with the service offered from Dr Joy Dental clinic and I would like to thank Dr Anil S Ramu for his wonderful service which he offered to my son who underwent his Orthodontic Procedures. I am extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr Anil S Ramu who is one of the best Orthodontist's in Dubai.

Danie John

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