5 серьезных проблем, если пренебрегать здоровьем зубов ребенка

Dental issues are preventable, and yet, a large number of children suffer from tooth decay, infections and untreated cavities while growing up. Poor oral health can lead to a volley of issues such as difficulty in eating, speaking and concentrating.

Seemingly harmless dental problems can have a long-lasting impact on children that can very well carry into adulthood. As per studies, untreated or poorly treated dental conditions may have significant long-term impacts on the physical and psychological well-being of children. Therefore, proper dental care is non-negotiable and an important practice that parents must inculcate in their little ones from an early age.

Listed below are five harmful effects of dental neglect in children:

Poor educational performance

Children with serious dental issues are more likely to miss school due to pain and discomfort. They may find it hard to focus in school, affecting their grades in turn.

Difficulty sleeping

Kids experiencing dental issues can have difficulty sleeping. Lack of restful sleep can interfere with a child’s day-to-day life, such as focusing on studies and play.

Reduced self-esteem and emotional stress

kid with emotional stress because of tooth decayKids with bad oral health such as cavities and bad breath may be reluctant to smile or speak freely due to embarrassment about the appearance of their mouth, reducing their self-esteem.

Bad oral habits can cause tooth loss and kids with missing teeth are more likely to experience emotional stress.

Inadequate diet

Poor dental hygiene can cause oral infections and disease in kids making it difficult to chew correctly. This can rob them of proper nutrition that’s essential in the growing-up years for the proper development of mind and body.

Early tooth loss

Early tooth lossPremature loss of a child’s baby teeth can be due to tooth decay. Early tooth loss can lead to impaired speech development and misaligned teeth, as adjacent teeth will shift their positions to fill the void.

Keeping all of the above implications of dental neglect in mind, it is imperative that parents pay close attention to their kids’ dental care. Teaching children to brush twice daily, and floss regularly, in addition to taking them for six-monthly dental check-ups, can prevent many debilitating dental issues in the long run.

Dr Joy Dental Clinic is home to a roster of specialist paediatric dentists who are well-equipped to offer preventive and emergency dental treatments. Our pedodontists offer solutions with the utmost care, patience and gentleness, making the experience fun and informative. For anxious kids and those with dental phobia, our clinics offer sedation dentistry for smooth and painless treatments.

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