Orthodontic Treatment For Children With Special Needs


The question we get asked the most from parents that have kids with special needs is, “Can my child undergo orthodontic treatment?” The answer varies based on the many factors involved. However, the answer is usually, “yes” for the most part.

The passage of childhood can be tricky and challenging for children with special needs. One of the rites of this passage often includes wearing braces to straighten the child’s set of teeth and correct their bite.

The planning phase is definitely the most important step as the child’s needs have to be taken into consideration in order to make the required orthodontic treatment a possibility.

If you have a child with special needs and are considering moving forward with orthodontic treatment to align their teeth – the pointers below will be useful:

Preparation is key

You can show your child the images and videos of the procedure ahead of the actual treatment. Also, help them brush and floss their teeth twice a day to maintain the right amount of oral hygiene.

Vigilance throughout the treatment phase

You will have to be observant in order to ensure that your child’s braces are kept clean. This will aid towards avoiding cavities and gum issues.

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In-take of food

Any food that is hard, crunchy or sticky has a way of breaking the braces, which is why those types of food should be avoided. In addition, food and beverages with a lot of sugar should be cut down or avoided altogether if possible. As an in-take of food and drinks that are high in sugar tend to leave white marks on the teeth when the braces are taken off as well as cavities in some cases.

Look into an alternative to traditional braces

If your child can’t bear the appliance or has difficulty keeping it clean, then it might be best to look into an alternative method of treatment. Such as, removable clear aligners – also known as Invisalign. Not only is the process easier but it’s also faster and more efficient as there are no mouth sores compared to traditional braces.

All in all, there will be an adjustment period for the child as they would have to get used to any given orthodontic appliance in their mouth.

It’s best to arrange a complimentary consultation session with one of our Specialist Orthodontists residing at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic so you can discuss a tailor-made treatment plan for your child in person.











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