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For an instant whiter smile, try Zoom!


If you’re like me, time is precious. Yes, I want to keep up my appearance by getting more exercise, eating healthy, sleeping at least eight hours a night and flashing a nice set of pearly whites, but I’m time poor. So when it came to whitening my teeth, I wanted a treatment that gave me instant results. My other half suggested a home whitening, but I wanted white teeth overnight and without having to wear a mouth guard to bed every night for weeks on end. After speaking to Linda McGill, our bubbly Dental Hygienist regarding whitening treatments on offer, I discovered Zoom!

The Philips company launched the Zoom WhiteSpeed Light-Activated Whitening System last year. It delivers the ultimate whitening experience in less time and more comfort than any other whitening system, as it allows the dentist to vary the intensity setting accordingly to accommodate patients with more sensitive teeth such as myself. The advanced system enables patients to whiten their teeth up to eight shades in just one hour, delivering 40 percent better results than a comparable non-light enhanced whitening system. This is the perfect instant teeth whitening treatment for people that are time poor. “Perfect! How soon can you book me in?”

The process began with my teeth being cleaned. Next, all soft tissues around the teeth were protected with a protective barrier. The Zoom gel was then applied and activated by a special light emitted from the Zoom lamp. After four cycles, the protective gel was removed from the gums and voila, I had a whiter smile! Now I understand why the Zoom whitening is the most popular teeth whitening in Dubai – providing well over four million people with a brighter, whiter smile.

Are you longing for pearly whites?


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