Do You Have White Spots on Your Teeth? Find Out How Can it be Treated and Prevented.


White spots on teeth are seen in some children and adults. This is called enamel hypoplasia. It appears due to a loss of the mineral content of the enamel, which is the outer covering of the tooth structure. Sometimes the defect can also appear yellow and in severe cases cause permanent defects on the enamel surface.

If the spots have been present from the time your teeth erupted, it indicates that this defect occurred during the development stage of the tooth. There are many factors that can cause these white spots, however, it is difficult to pin point the exact cause. If the white spot or defect is only on one tooth, then it was probably caused by an infection or trauma associated with the milk tooth. This can then affect the development of the permanent tooth.

If the spots appear on a number of teeth, it could be due to some systemic disturbances during the development stage. For example, excessive fluoride intake during the development can cause enamel hypoplasia. Usually, the white spots cause no harm and dentists only advise regular check ups to ensure that they do not become carious. If they appear on your front teeth and are bothering you, there are some treatment options available. One simple technique is called microabrasion, which may be followed with some bleaching, this can solve the problem in mild cases. In more severe or extensive cases, they can be covered with composite resin filling. When white spots form on teeth after they have erupted, it is most likely due to poor oral hygiene and drinking lot of acidic drinks like sodas. Children and adults wearing braces should take extra precaution to prevent decalcification of the enamel by maintaining good oral hygiene and to have good dietary habits.

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