causes of bad breath

What are the Causes of Bad Breath?


Bad breath or Halitosis can impinge one’s quality of life, self-confidence and can create embarrassing situations. Not only can bad breath affect us with our friends and family but it can also impact our professional lives, resulting in reluctance to speak. Dr. Dipti, our Periodontist talks about the causes of bad breath and how it can be prevented.

The most common source of bad breath is oral cavity. Not brushing and flossing causes food to accumulate around the teeth and on the tongue which leads to a foul smell. Improper oral hygiene, gum infection, tongue coating, post nasal drip, dentures and tooth decay are some of the sources of bad breath, gum infection being the most prevalent. A common reason for bad breath is consuming foods such as onion, garlic and coffee. This is only temporary and reduces as soon as the food is cleared from body.

Bad breath can also be caused by other bodily problems such as dry mouth, sinusitis, diabetes, kidney disorders and stomach disorders. Bad breath can be an indicator to identify these illnesses. However, your dentist can help you to seek proper guidance to determine the source. The key remedy for bad breath can be as simple as adapting a proper oral hygiene method.

If you are conscious of having bad breath, it is best to visit a Periodontist who can give you a thorough examination and provide a solution. For an appointment with Dr. Dipti please call either our Karama branch 04 3979522 or our Mirdif branch 04 2845722.


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