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Can Unexplained Toothache Be Caused by Allergens?


Did you know your tooth ache could be as a result of allergens? Many people suffer from allergic reactions to their surroundings. Allergens can be produced by various things including seasonal changes, dust and pets. There may be other causes to allergic reactions too which can be determined by allergy tests. Allergies do not only affect the sinuses and cause a runny nose, but can often cause pain in the teeth. When people experience a painful tooth ache due to allergens, it usually affects the upper molar teeth.

How do allergens cause pain in your teeth?

Allergens can cause pain in teeth due to increased congestion in your sinuses and your body’s reaction to the allergens in the system. The maxillary sinuses are the largest of the sinuses and are located just above your mouth on either side of the nose. They are supposed to drain mucous upwards avoiding congestion. When you have an allergy excess mucous is produced and the sinus lining gets inflamed. As the pressure of mucous builds, it pushes down on the roots of your teeth, causing the pain.

How can you tell if your teeth hurt?

  • Tip your head back and forth
  • Going down the stairs
  • Standing on your toes and forcefully going down

Generally if the pain gets worse it could be due to a sinus infection.

What should you do if you experience pain in your teeth?

  1. First visit a dentist who will examine your teeth and probably take radiographs to rule out any other problems such as dental decay or a gum infection.
  2. If there is no dental pathology then consult with an ENT doctor who will be able to treat the sinusitis.
  3. If your toothache disappears after the treatment, then your pain was caused by the sinusitis.

What can I do to prevent this?

  1. Drink lots of water to ensure that your body stays hydrated. This can flush away the mucous which is causing the blockage.
  2. Gargle with salt and water. This can help draw the mucous from your sinuses. It also reduces harmful bacteria in your mouth.
  3. Continue to brush and floss even if you are experiencing pain. You are still at risk of developing tooth decay, which will make your pain worse.
  4. Treat your allergies. Know what causes your allergies and how they can be prevented. Also talk to your doctor about the correct medication and if it needs to be taken long term.

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