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Can following a Keto diet affect Oral health?


The Keto diet is a specific diet plan that eliminates almost all carbohydrates from daily meals and comprises options like cheese, eggs, and meat. Even though the Keto diet helps transform the body and induce weight loss, it can become the cause of many oral health issues.

Effects of Keto Diet on Dental Health

Dry Mouth

When one follows a Keto diet, due to the reduced intake of carbohydrates, there occurs variation in ph level resulting in increased acidity inside the mouth. As a result, one may experience dry tongue and mouth, causing discomfort in enjoying food and drinks. It also prevents bacteria from being washed away with saliva, making it stay longer inside the mouth, eventually causing the enamel to wear down. Increased intake of water is one way to reduce dry mouth. One can also make use of mouthwashes made especially for dry mouth conditions.  

Bad Breath (Keto Breath)

bad-breath-dental-healthChange in breath is one of the main issues that occur due to the intake of the keto diet. It is recognizable as it has a metallic nature of odour or a sweet, fruity smell. A bad breath with other characteristics can also be a sign of issues with teeth and gums. Some of the suggested treatment options for bad breath include: 

  • Brushing and flossing daily
  • Chewing sugar-free gums in between meals
  • Drinking plenty of water during the day 
  • Using mouthwash to tackle odour
  • Intake of herbal tea or adding herbs to drinking water.

Reduced Gum Disease

Plaque build-up occurs more when consuming foods with high carbohydrate levels. By following a keto diet, one can benefit from having reduced chances of gum diseases due to limited plaque formation.

Tooth Damage

Studies done on the keto diet reveal that the person undertaking a prolonged diet plan is likely to experience reduced bone density. Also, chewing hard bones and meat while following a keto diet, along with reduced bone density, may result in the chipping or cracking of teeth. Hence the person may eventually end up damaging or losing his teeth

Reduced Plaque & Dental Cavities

Cavities occur when sugar breaks down, forming a build-up around the teeth, resulting in the wearing down of enamel. Due to the reduced intake of sugary foods, while following a keto diet, one can benefit from having lesser dental cavities. 

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