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6 Tips for Parents to Help Keep Their Kids’ Teeth Healthy While Having Braces


One of the main challenges parents face is convincing their kids to take care of their dental health. It becomes even more challenging if the kids undergo orthodontic braces treatment for their smile correction. Parents must keep an eye to ensure both the braces are in proper shape and the kids’ dental health is free from cavities or tooth decay.

Let’s see how you can help your children care for their teeth while having braces.

1. Brushing after having food

Brushing helps remove plaque that forms due to the food particles stuck in between the brackets and wires. Ensure your child brushes their teeth thoroughly after each meal and before bedtime. Brushing all surfaces of the teeth, particularly those near braces and along the gum line, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste are recommended.

2. Flossing regularly

Even though flossing takes more time, it is as essential as brushing to remove food particles and plaque from between the teeth and around the braces. Using floss threaders or orthodontic floss makes it easier to floss when having braces. Encourage your child to floss at least once daily, preferably before bedtime.

3. Avoiding certain foods

Encouraging children to avoid certain foods helps prevent dental issues from occurring while wearing braces. Foods like popcorn, nuts, hard and sticky candies, gum, and chewy sweets, crunchy foods should all be avoided by children as they might harm the braces. It is necessary to motivate them to have a balanced diet that goes well with the braces, such as pasta, soft fruits, cooked vegetables, and lean meats.

4. Usage of a mouthguard during sports activities

Strenuous sports like football, basketball, and soccer put your kids’ braces and safety in danger while undergoing orthodontic treatment. They might unintentionally be struck in the face by errant hands or loose balls, harming their braces or gums. The inside of their lip also could get cut by braces due to this.

Mouthguard acts as a protection for your child’s mouth and braces. Even though children might feel uneasiness while wearing a mouthguard, they are much preferable to getting a cut lip or a broken bracket!

5. Using orthodontic wax 

Braces can result in oral pain or sore spots in the mouth. Providing kids with orthodontic wax to place over the brackets or wires helps them get relief if they are experiencing any discomfort due to braces. 

6. Regular dental visits

Children with braces should undergo regular dental exams to maintain their oral health and ensure their teeth are cared for appropriately. During orthodontic treatment, ensure your child visits the dentist for routine cleanings and examinations.

Orthodontic condition for every child varies, hence their experience with braces. Your child’s orthodontist will provide specific instructions on how to care for their braces before undergoing the treatment. Ensure your child follows these instructions carefully, including wearing rubber bands or other appliances as prescribed and attending regular orthodontic appointments for adjustments. 

At Dr Joy Dental Clinic, our Specialist Orthodontists provide kids with a customized treatment plan and instructions to feel less discomfort during the treatment and maintain good oral health throughout. For your kid’s orthodontic treatment, contact us at 800-DRJOY (37569) to book a consultation with our Specialist Orthodontists.











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